Overland Eithelen


Desert Well
Eithel en






216 permanent in
1489 DR





Everything except
for water and basic provisions must be imported


Antiquities, lost artwork, ancient artifacts


Gov't type

Plutocratic Republic


Thescan Haerl


254 DR

Digging of the
original well by
elvish settlers

1338 DR

Abandonment of the settlement during
the Retreat

1456 DR

Adventurers find the well on the edge of
the Anauroch and build the current village


The village of Eithelen, on the edge of the inhospitable Anauroch, was a haven for adventurers looking to explore ancient battlefields and Netherese ruins. It was founded atop the ruins of a small elven community that had sprung up around a natural well on the desert's edge. In the years after its founding, great wealth flowed through its gates, bringing even more adventurers seeking the lure of lost treasure.


In the village of Eithelen, wealth can buy you anything, and that includes a seat at the ruling table. While Thescan Haerl is nominally the ruler of the city, in truth the real power lies with the powerful adventuring companies that operate from within. These four organizations meet in secret to determine policy and then feed that policy to Thescan to claim as his own.

Some say this is to put a friendly face upon what might prove to be unpopular policies. Others take the more cynical belief that it keeps those with true power out of the cross hairs of assassins and rivals alike. Those even farther afringe claim that even this supposed cabal is a myth, and in reality Eithelen is ruled by the re-emerging Zhentarim.

Regardless of where the true power lies, Thescan is a well liked ruler. The laws are fair and favorable, and they encourage the continued growth of the community.


Eithelen has few natural resources of which to speak. There is the well for which the community is named, and a few surrounding fields that manage to provide food for the inhabitants, although the meager output of these fields is quickly nearing capacity.

Despite these disadvantages, there is a booming trade in a great many things. As more adventurers return from tombs with fat purses in hand, ever more merchants arrive with goods from afar with which to make those purses a little lighter. Most any item one might need to take on an adventure can be found, for a price.

In addition, the service industry is booming. Many a young person fed up with their meager existence have traveled to Eithelen to offer their services to adventurers as porters, torch bearers and the like. And, not a few nascent mercenaries are willing to put their lives on the line in the hopes of one day snagging their own rich reward.


The Founding

In The Year of the Ghost Horse,  the elven enclave of Maltuile was finally abandoned. The final holdout against the encroaching desert, the elven magic sustaining the city succumbed to the greater power of the phaerimm, its inhabitants cast into the Great Sand Sea.

For the height of the summer, this band of vagabonds wandered westward across the desert, their number dwindling as resources grew more scarce. Finally, as the air began to turn cold and the first winds of winter began to blow, the drifters found a natural spring around which to build a settlement to keep them safe during the snows that would soon follow.

Although they had only intended to stay for that first winter, many of the inhabitants couldn't bear to travel further from their beloved home, already worried that their connection to their beloved Maltuile would be lost forever. And so, the site was named Eithel en Fendanfauglir (Well on the Desert's Edge in the common tongue), and a flourishing community sprung up around it.

The Retreat

After the Elven Court sounded the Retreat, the elves of Eithelen debated whether or not to follow. Even though centuries and generations had passed, many of the inhabitants still swore they could feel the pull of Maltuile among the dunes, and they were loathe to move farther away.

Finally, in The Year of the Wanderer, the council relented, decreeing that Eithelen would be abandoned, its inhabitants going to Evereska to the North. At first, not all of the elves complied, but by the close of the year, the once thriving hamlet was deserted.

The Second Founding

Even though the Retreat had been over for more than a century, and many of the elves who had departed during that time had returned to their former homes, not a single elf returned to Eithelen. Those who yet remembered it were loathe to return, only to feel an emptiness where once had been the pull of their beloved Maltuile.

It was during The Year of the Mithral Hammer that a band of adventurers, nearly 50 strong, stumbled upon the remnants of the old elven abode while escaping the law of Thultanthar. These stalwarts, the Band of the Mithral Hammer by name, took this as a sign, quickly converting the area into a suitable base of operations.

From here, the Band of the Mithral Hammer, and other like minded companies, made sorties against the Netherese, looting ancient tombs claimed by the Shadovar of Thultanthar. Even though such barbarous acts were severely punished, none who made it to the safety of Eithelen were after followed, and the city itself was never harmed.

After the fall of Shade Enclave in The Year of the Rune Lords Triumphant and the return of the Anauroch, the fortunes of Eithelen had truly begun to blossom. Eithelen then stood as one of the final bastions before venturing into the dunes in search of treasure. It seemed the luck that kept the city safe from the Shadovar now worked to bring wealth into its coffers.

Places of Interest

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