Black Claw

Black Claw
Black Claw
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c. 1487 DR



10 (4 full, 6 junior)




Black Claw

Black Claw was an adventuring/mercenary company formed after the destruction of Myth Drannor by Cirnali Moonsilver, a moon elf who survived the cataclysm that followed. Although most of the membership was in the organization for purely material ends, treasures looted from ancient tombs and the like, Cirnali's goal in forming the company was to allow her to more easily kill the citizens of Netheril that still roamed the Anauroch.

As of Tarsakh in The Year of the Warrior Princess, Black Claw was still actively seeking recruits.


These were the members in good standing.

Cirnali Moonsilver: Cernali is the leader of Black Claw, managing to walk a thin line between meeting her own needs for vengeance and keeping her companions from mutiny. Thankfully for Cirnali, the Netherese left a lot of buried treasure among the dunes.

Doxanor Dragonbasher: The muscle of the group, Doxanor is the younger of the Dragonbasher brothers (by 3 hours). His speciality is hitting anything his brother asks him to. Doxanor's maul is always ready for the task.

Dalmol Dragonbasher: Dalmol is the older Dragonbasher brother, and therefore the wiser of the two. His devotion to Dumathoin is only rivaled by that to his brother.

Sheyat Tlin'arr: A drow rogue and a rogue drow, Sheyat Tlin'arr is a seeming aberration among the group. However, her skill with a lock pick and a blade is more than enough to keep her compatriots happy.

Junior Members

On 21 Tarsakh, 1489 DR Black Claw added several junior members to their ranks.

Gelthar Olmund: A human barbarian from Vaasa, Gelthar relies on luck and brute force to win the day.

Harbek: A dwarven cleric from Cormyr, Harbek believes his god will pull him through the worst of life.

Jon Dan Olmund: A human barbarian from Vaasa, Jon Dan spends his days making sure his brother doesn't get himself killed.

Ost: A human fighter, Ost spends his time practicing his martial pursuits.

Talia: A half-elf with a penchant for stealing and fighting, and also several major physical flaws, Talia is the group's effort at charitable contribution.

Black Claw

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