Sheyat Tlin'arr

Sheyat Tlin'arr
Sheyat Tlin’arr
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1 Hammer 1446 DR

Sheyat Tlin’arr

Sheyat was a Drow rogue and assassin. Born in the City of Spiders, she quickly adapted to the cutthroat world, in spite of her displeasure with the ruling ecclesiasticy. As a member of Black Claw, Sheyat made good use of her talents to aid the adventuring company in all manner of endeavors.


Sheyat stood at five and a half feet tall, with a lithe and sinuous form. She had a preference for tight leather garments with revealing cuts that left much of her ebony flesh exposed, often including her thighs and hips, much of her back and buttocks, and most of her breasts.


Sheyat was mysterious to a fault, often times contradicting herself from one moment to the next with a knowing smile spread upon her full lips. In the city of her birth, holding one’s truth close to the chest wasn’t just a matter of course, it was a matter of survival.

Even though one could never trust that what she had said was true, Sheyat was far from taciturn. She delighted in conversation and would gladly flirt with members of either sex at every opportunity. (Although, the latter was likely a way to gain power over those she dealt with. After all, sexuality is one of the greatest weapons in Menzoberranzan.)


Early Life

Sheyat was born the third daughter of a weak relative of a low-class house in the City of Spiders. For most, such ignominy would prevent their rise through the hierarchical society of Menzoberranzan. For Sheyat, however, it merely provided new opportunities.

Having been deemed unfit for entrance into Arach-Tinilith due to the circumstances of her birth, Sheyat instead enrolled in Melee-Magthere. There she proved herself a more than capable student, eschewing head to head combat in favor of seducing fellow students to fight on her behalf. Or, using a quick dagger to the back.

Trapped on the Surface

Sheyat rose quickly through the ranks of her house and was deemed to be a rival for the position of Weapons Master in her house, a position she coveted dearly. To unseat her rival, Sheyat conspired to lead him to the surface and murder him, or at least trap him beneath the brutal sun. Her plan worked flawlessly until she was betrayed by her confidant who had made her own bargains.

The Black Claws

Denied her advancement, Sheyat sought to end her own life through exposure on the harsh world above. Unfortunately for her macabre aspirations, her survival instinct had been too well honed during her training at Melee-Magthere. It was there, wandering the wilds of The North, that Cirnali Moonsilver found her. Despite the natural animosity between Drow and surface elf, Cirnali took pity on the wretched creature Sheyat had become, either that or Cirnali was able to see the talent that lay just beneath the unkempt surface.


Sheyat does not make friends. She makes alliances, and occasionally enemies. None truly know this mysterious drow.


Sheyat is preternaturally skilled with the drow qu’amaeg-tincya.

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Nothing of interest.


Sheyat Tlin'arr

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