Doxanor Dragonbasher

Doxanor Dragonbasher
Doxanor Dragonbasher
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Doxanor Dragonbasher

Doxanor was a fighter and member of the Black Claw adventuring company. Often viewed as the “dumber” of his mother’s twin boys, Doxanor relished a good fight, often spending his leisure time in brawls of one kind or another.


Doxanor was tall, even for a shield dwarf, standing just under 5 feet. Despite towering over most other dwarves, he was almost square when viewed from the front due to the breadth of his back and shoulders. Thick, corded muscle made up the lion’s share of his 200 plus pounds.


Doxanor was an easy going fellow who made no attempts to change others impressions of his intelligence. He found the low expectations that followed freed him from responsibility and allowed him to pursue his three favorite pastimes, strong drink, strong women and strong battles.


Early Life

His mother, having received the Thunder Blessing, gave birth to 5 sets of twins, of which Doxanor and his brother Dalmol are the youngest. From an early age, Doxanor’s 8 sisters ensured that he would never forget that he was the youngest, oftentimes beating the lad into unconsciousness when he failed to defend himself against 8 attackers.

While some would become discouraged by such abuses, Doxanor took it as a challenge. Slipping away and shirking his family duties as often as he could, Doxanor would wander into the wilds of the Aphrunn Mountains, fighting all manner of wild beastie. A training regimen that most would have considered suicidal paid off, and Doxanor was quickly able to best all of his sisters at once, earning their fear if not their respect.

The Black Claws

Due to events that neither brother will speak off, the Dragonbasher brothers departed the Aphrunn Mountains and set out upon the adventuring life, travelling far to the north where they encountered Cirnali Moonsilver. Cirnali was instantly taken with Doxanor’s size and strength and immediately offered him, and his brother, a place in her fledgling adventuring company. The elf made promises of gold and grand adventure, but the big dwarf refused her offer, until she mentioned all of the fighting that is.


Doxanor was the youngest of 9 siblings, although only his brother Dalmol was ever seen in his presence. In addition, Doxanor took up “relations” with most any womanly dwarf he encountered, brawling with the lassie in as many senses of the word that he could think of.



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Doxanor Dragonbasher

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