Dalmol Dragonbasher

Dalmol Dragonbasher
Dalmol Dragonbasher
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Dalmol Dragonbasher

Dalmol was a cleric of the dwarven god Dumathoin. He was Black Claw’s tactician, often needing to reign in the brash impulsiveness of both his brother and their leader.


Dalmol’s appearance was average in nearly every way, save for the fist sized emerald pressed into the breastplate of his armor. As a talhund, Dalmol prized his averageness, believing that in so easily blending in with those around him, he was better equipped to keep his master’s secrets.


Dalmol was an even keeled and thoughtful lad, a bulwark between the laissez faire attitude of his brother and the taciturn dedication of his superior. In keeping with the miner’s tenets, he approached every situation with wary caution, knowing that with every decision could come great riches or sudden disaster.


Early Life

His mother, having received the Thunder Blessing, gave birth to 5 sets of twins, of which Dalmol and his brother are the youngest. While his brother was being pummeled by their elder siblings or running into the wilds to be pummeled by savage beasts, Dalmol focused on what dwarves do best, mining. He had a natural affinity for the earth, often knowing exactly in which direction the ore lied, and how to avoid the pockets of sulfur and other deadly perils along the way.

Dalmol’s unusual talents did not go unnoticed. During his twelfth year, he was spirited away to join the talhund, where the voice of Dumathoin became entwined with his own. Nearly 20 years later, Dalmol returned to his family much the same as he had been before, except for the look in his eyes, which appeared to have aged at least twice that many years.

The Black Claws

Due to events that neither brother will speak off, the Dragonbasher brothers departed the Aphrunn Mountains and set out upon the adventuring life, travelling far to the north where they encountered Cirnali Moonsilver. Dalmol saw little worth in Cirnali’s blind quest for vengeance, believing it would lead her to inevitable disaster. Doxanor, however, was determined to join, and Dalmol refused to leave his brother to such a barbarous fate. Since that day, he has pushed his talent for avoiding danger nearly to the breaking point, narrowly pulling the group back from near destruction on numerous occasions.


Dalmol’s only known relation is his brother Doxanor. Of his 8 sisters, nothing is known.



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Dalmol Dragonbasher

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