Adventuring is hard work.

If it were easy, everyone would do it. But, that doesn’t mean no one ever tries. The majority end up maimed with naught but a few stories to bore their children with. Most of those left are dead, food for some foul beast. A rare few, however, persevere against the odds and triumph.

Only the strong survive

Follow the (mis)adventures of however many characters it takes to make it big. The world is lethal, and the unwary won’t last long. It will take acumen, tenacity, and a whole lot of luck to endure the relentless assault ahead.

This isn’t a fairy tale

This is a world, not a story book; events don’t wait for the adventurers to come along. Governments rise and fall, orcs raid, and the people live their lives, even if the adventurers haven’t mastered tying their shoes.

Infinite possibilities

The world doesn’t cease to be at the edge of town, and setting foot off the beaten path won’t necessitate a dragon attack. Anyone can tell the farmer that they don’t care about the orcs ravaging his daughters without fear of consequence. Just don’t tell the farmer where you intend to sleep.

Do you have what it takes to be a true adventurer?

A Time for Hacking

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